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Nostos Seminars™

Discover yourself through new, kinder eyes and engage your life with a renewed sense of purpose and vitality. 

Are there days when you don’t want to get out of bed?

Or, maybe you’re out of bed and already exhausted by the list of things facing you?
Or, maybe you’re asking is this as good as it gets?

We’ve had those moments or periods when all our plans seemed to have gone awry. Each of us can remember times when we were anxious, sad or grieving, and/or in the middle of chaos, unwanted or unplanned transitions, betrayal by a trusted colleague, or other calamity. Yet, our learning coming out of these difficulties have been some of the richest opportunities to grow and develop.

We created NOSTOS SEMINARS™ for three audiences. See if you fit in one or more of them.


  1. As an individual, you are either ready or know you must shift your life but you aren’t sure how to do so.

  2. As a leader, you recognize that your organization is stagnating or faltering.

  3. As a community organizer and planner, you see multiple signs of resignation, imbalance, or ineffective and counter productive initiatives. 


Nostos Seminars is a proven, reliable adult learning program for empowered living and leading.


The program engages learners, whether on site or online, in dialogues and exercises designed to help them jettison and transcend thought patterns and behaviors in favor of new mindsets and skills sets that serve them and others well.

Nostos which means “Warrior come home.” Or “Welcome home, Warrior.” communicates our universal call to live empowered and enlightened lives that generously honor our own longings while serving a larger purpose that includes ourselves and others.


Our research since 2015 shows that Nostos fills the gap between life lessons not learned earlier and those that are required to live a life worth living. Each course, of the total ten courses, is co-facilitated by two people who themselves are lifelong learners, having faced numerous challenges themselves to emerge transformed and renewed. They/we are still works in process but with much to offer the learning communities that characterize the classes. 

Learners can expect to be treated with extraordinary respect as they discover themselves through new, kinder eyes and learn valuable tools and skills that prepare them to engage their lives with a renewed sense of purpose and vitality. 

Audiences who have found
Nostos Seminars to be transformative:

  • Leaders who have been fast tracked into high performance careers and lifestyles that afford little to no time for self-care, personal development, or relationship building,

  • Front line, essential workers who have become exhausted and/or disillusioned by unrelenting demands or ongoing crises and/or battles,

  • Persons in helping professions who are experiencing “compassion fatigue” or are feeling stuck,

  • Persons for whom at least one addiction has resulted in numerous losses, griefs, and costs to lives,

  • Persons who have come to expect impoverishment as opposed to empowerment or well-being, 

  • Persons already in transition or anticipating a transition, and

  • Persons isolated by circumstances and in need of a learning community that offers a welcoming, healthy place for questions, doubts, inquiries, and monumental changes.

About Nostos Seminars™
  • Over six years in the making by a dedicated interdisciplinary team of professionals who carefully synthesized research, experience, collective reflection, and creative program development into a coherent, transformative package, 

  • Pilot testing and follow up field research that led to an evidence-based curriculum,

  • Formal certification program for Nostos Co-Facilitators, consistent standards and conditions required for any certified, endorsed Nostos Seminars™ Co-Facilitator,

  • Comprehensive Training Manual for Co-Facilitators,

  • Participant Workbook that includes a course description, objectives, and all learning exercises for all courses, 

  • Both onsite and virtual options for course methodologies,

  • Access to Nostos Seminars™ authors and co-facilitators via this website, social media, and scheduled events.

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For professionals in one of the educative, helping, or leadership fields who have several years of professional experience in working with groups of people and who are active life-long learners, we offer a path to certification.

Step 1

Complete Nostos Seminars as a participant. Methodologies vary among online, virtual, hybrid.

Step 2

Become familiar with Nostos Seminars Core Beliefs and Core Values. Include a statement of one’s own core beliefs and values and show how they interface with those of Nostos Seminars.

Step 3

Develop a Vision Statement that shows how becoming a Nostos Co-Facilitator is consistent with one’s individual life vision, purpose, and strategic plan.

Step 4

Complete the Co-Facilitator path to certification within a six- or nine-month period, completing all six components. Each component includes relevant exercises and deliverable evidences of completion.

Step 5

Either role play co-leadership of one Nostos Seminar course or conduct an actual Nostos Seminar class with at least 3 to 5 participants. Either complete with a certified Nostos Co-Facilitator present or provide a video of the class for review by a certified Nostos Co-Facilitator. 

Step 6

Become a member of the Nostos Seminars family of co-facilitators and supporters.

Nostos Co-Facilitator Program Components:

  1. Introduction and Foundation of Nostos Seminars Curriculum

  2. Nostos Seminars Co-Facilitator Vision, Purpose, Core Values & Ethical Standards

  3. Identity and the Enneagram as a System for Transformation

  4. Methodologies, Technologies, and Processes for Co-Facilitation

  5. Experiential learning, Role Plays, Frequently Asked Questions & Dialogues

  6. Digging Deeper—Resources, including books, podcasts, blogs, videos, & more

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