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Nostos Seminars™

Learning that matters – Living that fulfills!

The Program is transformative learning, NOT therapy, designed for three broad audiences.


  • Persons who engage fully in Nostos Seminars find themselves energized, enlightened, and encouraged to approach their lives with renewed purpose and imagination. 

  • Corporations can expect comprehensive organizational culture transformation when Nostos Seminars are incorporated into leadership and employee training and development. 

  • Communities can come together to prepare official leadership and volunteer cohorts to work in sync to enhance and expand community awareness, preparedness, and fulfillment of identified initiatives that increase community-wide quality of life.


Courses, taken in sequence, build upon each other. Each course is three clock hours in length. All ten courses must be completed to earn a certificate of completion.


Audiences who have found
Nostos Seminars to be transformative:

  • Leaders who have been fast tracked into high performance careers and lifestyles that afford little to no time for self-care, personal development, or relationship building,

  • Front line, essential workers who have become exhausted and/or disillusioned by unrelenting demands or ongoing crises and/or battles,

  • Persons in helping professions who are experiencing “compassion fatigue” or are feeling stuck,

  • Persons for whom at least one addiction has resulted in numerous losses, griefs, and costs to lives,

  • Persons who have come to expect impoverishment as opposed to empowerment or well-being, 

  • Persons already in transition or anticipating a transition, and

  • Persons isolated by circumstances and in need of a learning community that offers a welcoming, healthy place for questions, doubts, inquiries, and monumental changes.

About Nostos Seminars™
  • Over six years in the making by a dedicated interdisciplinary team of professionals who carefully synthesized research, experience, collective reflection, and creative program development into a coherent, transformative package, 

  • Pilot testing and follow up field research that led to an evidence-based curriculum,

  • Formal certification program for Nostos Co-Facilitators, consistent standards and conditions required for any certified, endorsed Nostos Seminars™ Co-Facilitator,

  • Comprehensive Training Manual for Co-Facilitators,

  • Participant Workbook that includes a course description, objectives, and all learning exercises for all courses, 

  • Both onsite and virtual options for course methodologies,

  • Access to Nostos Seminars™ authors and co-facilitators via this website, social media, and scheduled events.

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For professionals in one of the educative, helping, or leadership fields who have several years of professional experience in working with groups of people and who are active life-long learners, we offer a path to certification.

Step 1

Complete Nostos Seminars as a participant. Methodologies vary among online, virtual, hybrid.

Step 2

Become familiar with Nostos Seminars Core Beliefs and Core Values. Include a statement of one’s own core beliefs and values and show how they interface with those of Nostos Seminars.

Step 3

Develop a Vision Statement that shows how becoming a Nostos Co-Facilitator is consistent with one’s individual life vision, purpose, and strategic plan.

Step 4

Complete the Co-Facilitator path to certification within a six- or nine-month period, completing all six components. Each component includes relevant exercises and deliverable evidences of completion.

Step 5

Either role play co-leadership of one Nostos Seminar course or conduct an actual Nostos Seminar class with at least 3 to 5 participants. Either complete with a certified Nostos Co-Facilitator present or provide a video of the class for review by a certified Nostos Co-Facilitator. 

Step 6

Become a member of the Nostos Seminars family of co-facilitators and supporters.

Nostos Co-Facilitator Program Components:

  1. Introduction and Foundation of Nostos Seminars Curriculum

  2. Nostos Seminars Co-Facilitator Vision, Purpose, Core Values & Ethical Standards

  3. Identity and the Enneagram as a System for Transformation

  4. Methodologies, Technologies, and Processes for Co-Facilitation

  5. Experiential learning, Role Plays, Frequently Asked Questions & Dialogues

  6. Digging Deeper—Resources, including books, podcasts, blogs, videos, & more

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