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First Book Study in 2024: Transitions as Integral to Transformation

 Empowerment for Individuals, Groups, Communities and Beyond 

For early 2024, The Living Classroom hosts a Book Study Group-Class, beginning January 11, 2024, 6PM CTZ – 7PM CTZ. The Zoom sessions begin on Thursday January 11 and meet every other Thursday, through April 11. 

Two books have been chosen as texts for this online/Zoom course. Feiler’s book, based upon his own life transitions that proved transformative, as well as his research about the same,  is the primary text for the study. The Oneing Book is written from multiple authors, all of whom write from a soul infused wholeness perspective. 


  • Feiler,Bruce. LIFE IS IN THE TRANSITIONS; Mastering Change at Any Age. New York: Penguin Books, 2020.

  • Guerin, Vanessa, Editor. ONEING; TRANSITIONS. Albuquerque, New Mexico: Center for Action and Contemplation, 2023.


Our study of Transitions, with their potential for tremendously profound transformations was stimulated and flowed from our trademarked program, Nostos Seminars™. As we saw and our research confirmed, peoples’ awareness, sense of accountabilities, shifts from valuing violence as their preferred relationship patterns to realize their potential to create meaningful, sustainable interpersonal connections, and more important transitions occurred, one problem remained. This problem was very real. As a question, it loomed, “How shall we continue to live what we have learned in Nostos?” Our course on Navigating Transitions for Transformations was the result of this point being driven home with every Nostos course that has been offered. 

Our Beta testing of the course has received very favorable feedback. Please consider joining us for our first Book Study-Class on how Transitions can be a powerful path to transformations. 


Two of our newest Nostos Seminars™ Co-Facilitators, Keri Riggs, Dallas and Kondwani PhwandaPhwanda, University of Kentucky, join Linda Harrison and myself as we four interact to co-lead the study.


Contact us here: We will gladly respond with details for enrollment and provide you with a detailed agenda for the course.

Courses slated for 2024:

During 2024, The Living Classroom will host additional courses.

Please check back in or request to be added to a “To be contacted list” by connecting us at

Nostos Seminars™

Co-led by Linda Harrison and Margaret Pinder, Online

Transitions as Integral to Transformation, TBA

Both online/Zoom and onsite


Group dialogues about key concepts and issues surrounding life long learning about Healthy Sexuality…..We three authors of THIRTY-ONE DAYS TO HEALTHY SEXUAL RELATIONSHIPS, are revising and updating the work in a whole new book to be published latter part of 2024. 

JOIN us to explore new, emerging trends that beg our attention. In addition, we offer a transformative lens for viewing ourselves, our relationships, and our expanding potentialities through addressing this integral Life Force……There is alchemy in owning our whole being, including our Sexuality.

Go ahead and let us know if you are interested in participating. We will add you to our growing list of interested participants. 

We anticipate announcing meeting times to start in February 2024. One hour sessions.
By Request From Groups Or Organizations
  • We are always happy to hear from groups or individuals interested in Nostos Seminars™ onsite or online.

  • Let us know if you would like our Transitions Course to be offered for your group, perhaps a retreat, or in-house staff development. Can be online or onsite.

  • Generate your request for a program customized to address pressing needs for you and your organization. Examples:

    • Loneliness Be Gone

    • Grief as a Portal from Wounded to Wonderful

    • The Enneagram as a System for Transformation

    • Freeing Yourself to Live your Deepest Desires

    • Aging to Perfection

    • Leadership to Empower Individuals & Whole Organizations


New courses are added regularly. Please check back here and via social media for exciting and enriching new opportunities. Multiple venues and payment options are available. Don’t see what you want but have a hunch we could tailor a program to your personal or organizational needs, let us know. We love to collaborate and create powerful new offerings.

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