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The Living Classroom

The Living Classroom offers specific topics of study, approached from one of two vantages.

Vantage 1

community virtual group

Two Dialogue-True Community meetings are scheduled per month. Unless publicized otherwise, meetings are 90 minutes in length. Each meeting has one or two facilitators but all are invited to contribute to the dialogues and construction of new perspectives, models, or courses for study. 

The structure for these dialogue/work sessions is simple. 

  • All are welcome to join in the dialogues.

  • Respect and genuine authenticity are expected to permeate all communications.

  • No “selling” or “converting” are allowed. Psycho-social-spiritual space is made available so that all can voice their truths and know they will be heard and responded to with care, respect, responsibility, and truth telling. 

  • Topics for each session are pre-set, as the last step of the previous meeting, to allow participants time for contemplation and preparation for a lively dialogue, with the potential for development of action plans and follow-up initiatives and/or projects. 

  • Each session ends with a “To be continued” framework. It is not at all unusual for new courses of study or group initiatives to emerge from the sessions.

Vantage 2

Short Courses
with objectives, selected texts, and active learning exercises

Unlocking the Enneagram's Secrets for Personal and Professional Empowerment
  • Discover your own personal code for success 

  • Uncover  strategies for integrating healthy behavioral patterns for other Enneagram types

  • Learn proven ways to use the Enneagram to solve relational challenges

  • See how the Enneagram can foster cross-cultural dialogues and foster social well-being

4 Sessions
Taking Sexual Relationships
to the
Next Level
  • Discover common fears that often define sexual relationships

  • Identify common markers for healthy vs unhealthy sexual relationships

  • Identify communications strategies and techniques to enhance sexual relationships

  • Develop a code of ethics to guide personal sexual decision making

4 Sessions
$90 for Series / $30 for Students
Leadership for Challenging Times
  • Define characteristics required for leaders through crises and chaos

  • Identify key tools that all successful leaders use on a regular basis

  • Define prominent, important roles that 21st Century leaders can play in society

  • Examine the nature of learning and conscious change for leaders who offer a solid path forward for their employees, organizations, communities, and society at large

6 Sessions
$125 for Series / $45 for Students
Unleash the Power of Transitions

Within this series: “UNLEASH THE POWER OF TRANSITIONS”, we explore the transformative power of conscious transitioning. The following expectations set the stage for the series.

  1. Leaders who are experienced in creating spaces for interpersonal and intrapersonal transformational learning.

  2. Exercises that raise awareness of the unseen obvious that is occurring without consciousness, but that beg to be heard or spoken.

  3. A climate of trusting presence, wherein the group is transformed into a caring community of learners who share a space of extraordinary respect and openness to see through new eyes and to speak with strong, clear voices.

  4. Discussions and active learning exercises that connect the community of learners with both the macro and micro versions of their unique stories of change and then enable them to create both structures and processes for continuing on a path of transitioning and transforming their lives. 

  5. A community of practice that holds each other with love as they courageously process sufferings, lettings go, restoration, and transformation.  

2 Sessions

New courses are added regularly. Please check back here and via social media for exciting and enriching new opportunities. Multiple venues and payment options are available. Don’t see what you want but have a hunch we could tailor a program to your personal or organizational needs, let us know. We love to collaborate and create powerful new offerings.

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