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2024 has brought with it a great 2023 to build upon.
With colleagues we have two new programs to offer.

  1. Living Our Transitions, a nine-hour online course that can be taken just because you want and/or need to or for those reasons plus 9 CEU credits for mental health care professionals. 

  2. An Online Book Study of Parker Palmer’s new 2024 edition of HEALING THE HEART OF DEMOCRACY, The Courage to Create a Politics Worthy of the Human Spirit.

Linda Harrison, Karen Isbell, and I are updating our 2019 book about Healthy Sexual Relationships. This new edition builds upon our earlier work while transcending that to speak from a deeper and broader worldview. Drawing upon ancient wisdom sources as well as the latest in neuroscience and the social sciences, we offer new, validated, and creative discoveries, to show how our lifelong sexuality can become one of our most treasured dimensions for whole person – whole relationship restoration and renewal.

This new edition (titleless at this point) emphasizes the unity between our spirituality and our sexuality. Throughout the new book we speak of how the power of our sexuality, when fully realized and matured, has the capacity to heal past hurts, to create genuinely enriching and renewing present relationships, and to birth creative new forms of life. Our human sexuality is truly a gift that begs our faithful attention and lifelong celebration.

Watch this space as we share our progress and perhaps even schedule a time or two for Questions/Dialogue/Answers/or More Questions.​

Nostos Seminars: Co-Facilitators continue to offer monthly classes of the complete Nostos Series. The sizes of classes continue to grow. Two our our new up and coming co-facilitators plan to be ready to co-lead their first Nostos Series in Dallas by this Fall.
Others are planning to offer Nostos to their staffs and beyond.

We continue our commitment to this wonderful program, knowing its capacity to transform the lives of those of us who lead and/or complete the program.

Margaret Pinder –

A few thoughts for your contemplation….

  1. Your and my lives are gifts to us. How will we treat these lives?

  2. To answer the “how” requires perhaps the most important skill of all skills. This skill is LEARNING.

  3. Are you and I learners? How can we know?

  4. Let me name a few requirements for learning. These include

    1. Curiosity

    2. Courage

    3. Humility

    4. Audacity

    5. Connections with other learners

    6. Willingness to risk failure in order to live from our values

    7. Taking what we learn and using it to benefit others and to teach others

  5. What else……


May we learn something new every day!

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