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News & Events

Along with colleagues we have been quite busy and generative during 2023. Just a quick summary:

  • Nostos Seminars is offered every month to a group of learners who are courageously dealing with life constricting addictions.

  • Nostos Seminars was offered successfully onsite in Dallas for the first time.

  • We have offered our Navigating Transitions course successfully in Dallas.

  • We are now in planning phases for Nostos Seminars to be offered within several organizations.

  • We have spoken about Nostos Seminars and other personal development topics to multiple organizations.

  • Each of our certified co-facilitators are including concepts and selected exercises from Nostos Seminars to enrich their work in their private practices, treatment centers, academic settings, church leadership, and other places where people are deeply motivated to make life altering changes in their lives.

  • 2024 is shaping up with robust plans and schedules to expand the ways in which we can respond to and provide leadership for radical, empowering, and advancing personal and collective transformations toward light, goodness, beauty, truth! 

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