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Individual and/or group mentoring leads to sharing ideas, practicing skills, and drastic life improvement.

When you face a pivotal moment, be it a short-term decision to be made quickly or are at a turning point that requires significant preparation, mentor-coaching can make the decisive difference.

Having mentors at key points through my life has made all the difference. I think of key decisions about leaving home for the first time, making a key career changes, choosing dating or marriage partners, managing work and family, making decisions about parenting and child raising, facing our own addictions, or helping with aging parents. The list goes on. Throughout life there are  decisions to make. 


Our best decisions come from our dreams instead of attempting to get to a dream. This requires tools and practices that can be learned and mastered. My experiences and scores of research findings show that having a mentor or coach can be the most predictive factor when it comes to staying the course through out the seasons of our lives. 


I am delighted to offer mentor-coaching as well as groups where every member benefits as ideas are shared, dialogues occur, skills are practiced, and life altering decisions are made. 


To learn more about any of my offerings, including programs that I co-lead or host with trusted colleagues, please contact me: My schedule varies from day to day, week to week. But my intent is to respond to any inquiries within 48 to 72 hours. 

Individual Mentoring

Per session Investment:  $175/hour of virtual time

Not sure the number of times you want to meet? Contact me for a free consultation to explore options that work best for you.

Customized-Targeted Concern Investment

Packages of 3 consecutive sessions: $450 for 3 individual sessions

Whole-Life Focus

Follow through to bridge, build, and enjoy!


6-12 months of individual coaching sessions. Choose the option that works best for you:

One-time payment: $1,750

Two payments of $980 each

Four payments of $490 each

14 equal payments of $150

Dialogue-True Community Membership

Annual Membership: $1200

or Four payments quarterly payments: $350


Meets every other week, 24 times/year.


All meetings virtual. Meets 90 minutes per session.


Membership required. Twice per year the group chooses if timely to add new members.


Total within each group limited to 8 to 10 members.


Members are encouraged to meet each time. Up to 3 absences allowed before membership cancelled.     

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Dialogue-True Community Application

Thanks for reaching out! I'll be in touch.

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