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Countering the Epidemic of Loneliness

Updated: 5 days ago

Hi, hello, and how are you doing?

I'm getting ready to write about intimacy and community, and I thought, “let me just stop and share a couple of minutes with you in my day.” 

As I think about the importance of intimacy and the importance of community, I also think of the Surgeon General's recent warning that we are in an epidemic of loneliness. I always say that learning how to be intimate and learning how to build community are very important, now more than ever, as a counter to the epidemic of loneliness. 

Intimacy is when we develop the capacity to be fully present to people or to someone without compromising our own integrity. Now that takes skill. It takes wanting to in the first place. It takes creating an open space where we can be fully present. It takes being willing to go through the chaos of figuring out how to communicate. It takes letting go of the need or demand that we always be in control. And it takes being open- open to this spirit of generosity that will come when we make ourselves present to one another. 

So think about where you are on a continuum from being lonely or isolated, or how much you really have worked on the skills of building intimacy and community, or whether or not you even perceive that you have a community wherein you are known.

So take time. Think about this. These are the kinds of programs that I offer individually, or with colleagues, and I would love to share these with you when and if it makes sense for you. 

Have a wonderful day: a day where you are seen and where you see.

Margaret 4-22-2024

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